Freelancer to Founder Accelerator

1:1 mentoring program for freelancers ready to create their own exciting business. In 90 days, we turn your vision and expertise into new services and products that fill a gap in the market. Validated with real clients and a predictable flow of leads.

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Stop feeling trapped

You started freelancing to gain more freedom, money and personal growth. But now, you find yourself trapped in a business model where you exchange your time for money. Earning okay, but you have lost your excitement.

Your business does not suit your added value and aspirations anymore. You believe you have more potential to offer. You have a bunch of ideas to create new products and programs, but you need help structuring your ideas and develop them into tangible products. 

Get ready to feel excited again, earn more money, make more impact and get more hours of free time!

At Idea Shapers, we transform your vision, expertise, and passions into scalable income streams. We design a business model that adds value to your clients and delivers greater freedom and income for you. 

You are ready to turn your unique value into sellable products

Tired of trading time for money, you are eager to innovate your 1:1 offer into scalable revenue models like programs, online offers or blended models. 

Done with over-analysing your ideas about your new mission and  offers, you need help to make your ideas concrete.

✔ You are worried that if your new proposition doesn’t work, you might confuse your clients and damage your reputation. That’s why you’re keeping your great ideas to yourself.

✔ You feel unsure about what your added value is and how to stand out with so many others out there.

✔ You can’t wait to awaken the creator within you and feel excited again about being an entrepreneur.

Time is your most scarce resource. Make it count!

Results after the accelerator:

✔ Reinvented vision and business direction in line with your aspirations and lifestyle.

✔ Redesigned multi-stream business model that scales your income, brings joy and fulfillment.

✔ Clarity about the structure and content of your new offer, program and/or online course.

✔ Clarity about your unique added value and message.

✔ Predictable flow of leads

Smart people with big dreams are usually the ones who struggle the most to achieve their goals because they get overwhelmed with all the details and the complexity involved in running a successful project.

However, if you are committed to achieving your vision and you are up for a challenge, I suggest you reach out to Melanie for fast and measurable results.

Cristian Fontanelli

Wealth Strategist

How does the accelerator work?

✔ Our collaboration starts with a strategy deepdive to get a clear overview of your current challenges, entrepreneurial vision, dreams and goals. Based on this we develop a 90-day roadmap.

Every week you will work on actions that move the needle.

From making decisions on your new direction, to creating your new offer roadmap and lead generation strategy – we make this process fun and simple for you with our coaching, templates and exercises. 

✔ The speed on which we work is fast so that you can test and tweak your offer quickly with real customers.

✔ Bi-weekly coaching calls to support you. See us as your passionate co-creator and guide.

Direct access to us by email for any questions. Replies within 24 hours.

Are you ready to build your dream business?

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Your co-creator and mentor: Melanie 

I am Melanie van der Storm, the creative force behind Idea Shapers. I have a passion for creating new concepts and I could chat for hours about new business ideas and shaping the ideal business lifestyle.

My expertise lies in innovation, marketing and facilitation.

After an international career in marketing, I began freelancing in 2016. I helped B2B scale-ups find and claim their market positioning and scale their business.

As a certified facilitator, I developed and improved programs to maximize results. I developed and delivered group programs, 1:1 sessions and online programs with 500+ solo entrepreneurs at Google, Startupbootcamp and Here2Start.

I transformed my expertise in innovation, marketing and facilitation into my own unique value proposition.

Now, I help ambitious freelancers reinvent their business and create amazing products and programs to live their dream. 

Why? Because I see many talented freelancers feeling stuck in their careers, afraid to make choices and take action. It pains me to see that their dreams and skills have grown, but their business has not. My mission is to help them become the passionate entrepreneur they always wanted to become.  

See how others built their dreams businesses

Melanie’s genius is her capacity to get entrepreneurial challenges and translate them into concrete business development and online marketing solutions. She is great when communicating her ideas in such an energizing and crystal clear way that people never leave empty-handed after a session with her. She is proactive, enthusiastic and will bright up any room when needing someone inspiring and knowledgeable!
María Lucía Bermúdez

Community expert and serial entrepreneur

I would recommend Idea Shapers to anyone who, like me, is struggeling with focus and has many ideas but also for those who are looking for a new way in live that brings them joy and uses their potential. 

Melanie helped me to give shape to my business ideas. Through visualizing personal values ​​and goals I learned in which way I come to full advantage of my potential. Melanie made this very insightful, using illustrations and mind mapping, and it surprised me how she was able to complete me whenever I was a bit confused.

Melanie is clearly skilled and experienced in the field of professional development and has a genuine interest in the person opposite of her.

Jana Voyvodich

Freelance writer and Model

Koen Jordaans

CEO of Apostle