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The world needs more people in action-mode

Hi! I am Melanie, creator of Idea Shapers

In 2019 I found myself in a similar situation as you are in now. I was having fun freelance clients as a marketing and innovation consultant. I was working mostly from 9 to 5 and trading my time for money. 

It was fun at first, but soon I started feeling trapped in my business. Was this the free and exciting life of a real entrepreneur? 

I started a discovery journey to escape from my freelance business model. I wanted to grow and have more fun. I started focusing on trying out new types of revenue models, while developing my passion as a facilitator. 

I worked with various business mentors, but I realized that most of them only had a one-size-for-all approach: choose one niche and develop one high-end offer. I tested it, but I soon felt trapped again as I could not use all of my creativity. 

Fast forward to now:

I transformed my expertise in innovation, marketing and facilitation into my own unique method. I found my mission in helping other freelancers reinvent their business and create amazing products and programs to live their dream. 

With my method you will find and create a business model that perfectly matches your entrepreneurial vision, energy, passions and expertise.

I believe the most important thing for happiness and success is to keep growing as a person. Your business is the perfect vehicle for that. 

If you feel stuck and don’t feel like spending years of trial and error, reach out to me. Let’s work together to make your dreams a reality!

Melanie van der Storm

Melanie van der Storm

“I believe life is about having fun, maximum growth and new experiences while creating positive impact for others.”

Our principles

Stay in action and get results

Getting into action-mode is the quickest way to get results and input about the lifelyhood of your ideas. Time to get out of your head into action.

Play and experiment

We offer you smart methods to define and test your ideas with real customers. Nothing is what it seems. Your thoughts are just assumptions.   

Be ready to go on adventure

Curiosity is your golden ticket to success. We will take you on a discovery journey to find the answers you need to get clarity.

Embrace a growth mindset

We will train you to embrace a new growth and experimentation mindset to take on future challenges yourself.

Have fun and experience

We are all about creating fun experiences to increase your energy level to stay motivated and creative.


Idea Shapers collaborates with independent business consultants, innovators, design thinking and creative facilitators to offer you the best trainings. 

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