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The world needs more people in action-mode

Nice to meet you! 

I am Melanie van der Storm, creator of Idea Shapers. After countless passion discovery journeys, international career changes and freelance jobs, I decided it was time for a change. Time to tackle the way traditional career advice and business shaping programs are being done.

I believe we can innovate the way we shape our ideal career and company. Especially for generalists. As a generalist I know how it feels to have plenty of interests, passions and tons of business ideas. It is fun and exciting however it can bring restless moments and a lack of direction as well. Having to choose one career does not work for generalists and does not fit our current fast moving world. 

Idea Shapers was created in 2019 to empower and activate generalists and multi-passionates to shape their ideal career and company. We create challenges that help you navigate your next career move and get clarity on the business that is a full expression of who you are. And most of all, you get to learn and experience a new growth and experimentation mindset, while having great fun!


Melanie van der Storm

Melanie van der Storm

“I believe life is about having fun, maximum growth and new experiences while creating positive impact for others.”

Our approach

We use various discovery techniques, design thinking and creative methods to provide participants with direction, clarity and the ability to put ideas into action. Through a set of challenges people will be activated to go into action-mode to shape their ideas and take them to the next level. We use a fun participation approach to create a high level of motivation and energy.

Our mission is to activate generalists to take charge of shaping their ideal business by developing a curiosity and experimentation mindset to transform their ideas into action

Our principles

Stay in action and get results

Getting into action-mode is the quickest way to get results and input about the lifelyhood of your ideas. Time to get out of your head into action.

Play and experiment

We offer you a playground to define and test your ideas. Nothing is what it seems. Your thoughts are just assumptions.   

Be ready to go on adventure

Curiosity is your golden ticket to success. We will take you on a discovery journey to find the answers you need to get clarity.

Embrace a growth mindset

We will train you to embrace a new growth and experimentation mindset to take on future challenges yourself.

Have fun and experience

We are all about creating fun experiences to increase your energy level to stay motivated and creative.


Idea Shapers collaborates with independent business consultants, innovators, design thinking and creative facilitators to offer you the best trainings. 

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