Reinvent your business model to boost your income

Programs for freelancers who want to turn their unique value into a scalable offer. Redesign your business and launch new revenue streams and products that fill a gap in the market. 

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Your dreams have grown with you, but not your business. 

You have been trading your time for money. As an accomplished freelancer, your dreams and aspirations have grown, but your business has not. You have great ideas to develop your own products and programs, but you are stuck in over-analysing your ideas. With questions like:

  • How do you turn your vision and expertise into scalable income streams? 
  • How do you develop an offer that is unique in the market and that customers love to buy?
  • How do you create a logical product funnel without overwhelming your clients?
  • How do you test your new offer without losing months of time and money?

Turn your value into steady revenue streams

Idea Shapers helps to turn your ideas into steady income streams. We help you get ready for a new chapter that brings you excitement, freedom and money. 

Results you can use

Move the needle every week to quickly get the market feedback you need and build offers that your customers want to buy.

Passion builds your business

Ensure you build something you love. Prioritize your passion before making a product you offer to your target market.

Grow without making concessions

Discover how to create a business on your terms, aligned with your creativity, passions, energy and vision.