Clarity in your head and ideas

Discovery challenges for people who do not fit into a box. Convert all your ideas, interests and qualities into a business or role that is an expression of you. And that your clients will love.  

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Experimental process

No boring trainings or meaningless talent tests, but fun and effective challenges to get clarity about your ideal business or job. 

Fast and concrete results

No waste of money and vague results, but clarity on your next steps. You will know exactly what you stand for and how to create value.


Finished training. Back to feeling overwhelmed? Not with us. Maintain your focus, stay in action! Learn accountability & productivity hacks. 

You are stuck and overwhelmed with ideas. 

We got the method to help you figure out what you want.

It is the struggle of being a generalist and multi-potential. You like many things and you have tons of ideas to pivot your career or freelance business. But when it comes to choosing, you get overwhelmed by all the options out there. You don’t know what you want. You get stuck.

Instead of creating impact and adding your unique touch to the world and getting most out of your life, you stay where you are. In a job or freelance business that you are good at, but you don’t feel the spark any more. We help you to get out of this ‘feeling stuck’ mode. With effective discovery methods, simple experimentation tactics and proven lean startup strategies. Customised for generalists.

The result? Clarity about what you want to do next AND a crystal clear proposition to action on.


Choose your challenge

Jump on a journey to play with your ideas, validate them and discover your unique superpowers! You will experience how to mix your different talents, ideas and interests to create a business concept or a role that is an expression of you.

Group Challenge

for Entrepreneurs

Clarify your ideas, discover your unique added value and create the business of your dreams, together with a small group of likeminded entrepreneurs. 


for Teams

Be known as a company where people’s potential and creativity is continuously stimulated. Where team leads take ownership and create impact with their teams.


Clarity Challenge

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